About the Healthy Climate Alliance

The Healthy Climate Alliance is a volunteer network of leading climate scientists, thought leaders, and political change makers. Initiated in April 2016 by Peter Fiekowsky, a physicist, entrepreneur, and futurist with thirty years of citizen advocacy for poverty and climate issues, our mission is to generate individual and political will around one simple idea: restore the health of climate by the end of this century.  

The idea is novel in that today most environmental leaders and activists are focused on the goal of limiting an increase in the earth’s temperature to not more than 2 degrees Celsius.  But, according to Peter and an ever-expanding group of experts, why organize around something that everyone agrees will have devastating consequences for our planet?  

In contrast, the goals of the Healthy Climate Alliance include:

  • Having the Declaration for a Healthy Planet by the end of this century serves as a catalyst for action wherein President Obama declares a “moonshot” for the planet and commits American resources and talent to this endeavor;
  • Informing and educating others that such a goal is possible and that we have the technology to make it happen;
  • Inspiring others to commit themselves to this initiative by signing the Declaration and becoming advocates, each in his or her own way, to bringing about a future that is once again healthy and sustainable.

We invite you to join us. Sign the Declaration. Share it. Discover the difference you can make.